About Our Services

You can now have a comprehensive consultation with our team of expert Ayurvedic Doctors, Yoga Teachers, Life Coaches, and Counsellors to discuss your health or obtain counselling, lifestyle and dietary guidance. All sessions will include a 45-50 min one-to-one online consultation at a time of mutual convenience and it will allow us to understand you, your condition and wider lifestyle and environment to ensure we support your optimum state of wellbeing. The consultation will be followed by a guidance sheet by our team of experts. Any follow up email guidance will be provided free for the 14 days after the consultation.

• All our Ayurvedic doctors specialise in Ayurveda and Sri Lankan Indigenous Medicine. Each of them have completed a 6 year Bachelor of Alternative Medicine at Colombo University, Faculty of Ayurveda and Indigenous Medicine along with at least 2 years of clinical practice and other specialisations. They are some of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka and we have been treating customers suffering from mild conditions, such as mild digestive disorders, skin irritations and mental instability, to acute conditions such as cancer and paralysis. The consultation can be a useful lifestyle and diet guidance approach for you to maintain health and avoid health issues you might be genetically prone to or be a useful start on healing a health condition you may be suffering from.

• Our Yoga / Meditation and Vedic Healing Chanting Teachers are qualified experts in their field with over 12 years of experience in teaching Yoga. They are knowledgeable in both Practice and Philosophy with a wide variety of teaching experience around the world including Europe, South America, Australia and Asia. They are some of the best teachers we have come across around the world.

• Our counselling and coaching team includes our Ayurvedic Doctors, Teachers and Coaches who are all qualified and experienced in the subject. We have helped many who have changed their lives positively and achieved their goals.

Our Services

Personal Yoga Consultation

Whether you are new to Yoga or a regular practitioner, it would benefit to consult our expert Yoga Teacher and Therapist who can guide you with a personal sequence, teach you how to address different physical or mental conditions you may have or strengthen your body and calm your mind.

Ayurvedic doctor consultation

For personalised plan and guidance on how to improve your health and wellbeing. If you are suffering from any mental and/or physical ailment or feeling unbalanced, you can consult our doctors to discuss your condition and they can prescribe treatments, herbal ayurvedic medicines and provide lifestyle and dietary guidance.

Ayurvedic doctor consultation for Cancer

Sri Lankan Ayurveda and Indeginous Medicine has a specific section covering Cancers called ‘Gedi Wana Pilika’ (Lumps, Tumours and Cancers). Whether you are recently diagnosed and want to discuss your options, or you have a cancer needing healing, or want to use Ayurveda for post-surgery healing, or extend and ease life for an incurable condition, you can consult our Cancer Specialist for guidance.

Diet and Nutritional Guidance and Support

Our diet and nutrition plays a vital role in our health. Seven of the ten most commonly spread diseases as classified by the World Health Organisation are due to improper diet and lifestyle. Poor nutrition is causing not only physical but also a large number of mental conditions. Our doctors can guide you and advice you on your diet and nutritional needs to support your life goals and improve your health and wellbeing.

Weight-loss support and Guidance

Losing weight can be frustrating, exhausting and confusing with an array of diets and weight loss tools out there in the market. Yet nothing seems to provide a satisfactory and lasting solution. Our doctors and coaches can support you on your weight loss journey by guiding you with diet, exercise and lifestyle practices along with herbal natural approaches to enhance weight loss.

Personal Philosophy Classes

You can book personal 1-2-1 classes with our teachers to learn Yoga and Buddhist philosophy to incorporate in your daily life and practice for better mental health and/or to learn if you are a teacher yourself and want to expand your knowledge on Yoga, Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy.

Vedic Chanting


You can learn Vedic chanting for personal use or for your meditaiton practice. If you are a Yoga Tlteacher or healer, you can incorporate Vedic chanting into your healing practices. Also suitable for musicians and enthusiasts of traditional forms of chanting.

Personal Meditation

Meditation once was buzz word but now is a necessity to learn how to remain calm and patient in this increasingly fast paced life. You can now book a personal class with our teacher who can design a personal practice for you and guide you into or through your meditation practice which will improve your health and wellbeing.

Life Coaching / Personal coaching / Mentoring

We all benefit from personal life coaching which has been practiced in communities in less formal ways. Whether you need a life coach or a mentor, having a structured, experienced person to help coach you can be hugely beneficial towards creating and maintaining a fulfilling life.

Counselling / Emotional Coaching

It is natural that at times we feel lost, sad or disturbed as we go through life in this fast-moving world. These situations can influence our physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. It is essential to understand the exact reason behind our mental and emotional imbalances and address them. Our counsellors can guide and support you in this process.