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Cure for Illnesses Through Ayurveda

Ayurveda is increasingly being recognised in the modern world as an effective approach to cure. It is a science of health that has been practiced for over 4000 years and is still successfully practiced in India and Sri Lanka. It is not a system of healing in which everyone does the same practices. Ayurveda sees each person as an individual with a different internal balance called one’s constitution. Each individual’s constitution determines the diseases they are naturally prone to. Diseases begin when each individual’s unique constitution (Doshas) are imbalanced which then impair digestive fires (Agni) and affect the body’s metabolic function causing food to improperly digested and absorbed, causing the production of Ama. Ama is the root of diseases, which according to Ayurveda clogs different circulation channels such as the intestine intestines and blood vessels, resulting in chemical changes which create toxins. Toxins are absorbed into the blood and circulate throughout the body and eventually accumulate in the weaker parts of the body causing weakness in the organs and reduced immune mechanism. This will with time result in a disease to manifest in the effected organ and later diagnosed as heart disease, kidney failure, arthritis, etc. 

Toxins are also created by repressed emotions. Science have now proven biological changes which are caused by repressed or strong emotions. Ayurveda recommends mindful and detached observation of emotions without repressing them. Repressed emotions lead to disturbances in the mind which has an impact in the body. Ayurvedic diet and medicines need to be combined with mindfulness practices such as Yoga and meditation to provide optimum results.

Following you will find some of the ailments and conditions that can be treated, managed or alleviated at Plantation Villa through Ayurveda:

Abdominal infectionsHypertension
Abdominal distension due to indigestionIrritable bowel syndrome
Achilles’ tendinopathyInsomnia/Disturbed sleep/Sleeplessness
AcneLower back ache
Addiction to nicotine/smokingLow blood pressure
Allergic rhinitisLumbar spondylosis
AnxietyMeniere’s disease
AsthmaMenopausal syndrome
Bloating sensationMental stress
BPH (benign prostatic enlargement)Migraine
Burn out syndromeMultiple Sclerosis
CancerNeuralgic complaints -hemiplegia, paraplegia, hemiparesis, facial paralysis, etc.
Chronic fatigue syndromeNeuralgic headache – tension headaches
Chronic constipationOsteoarthritis – multi-joint, knee
Cervical spondylosis/SpondylitisOsteoporosis/Osteopenia
DepressionSkin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections, athlete’s foot etc.
Diabetes mellitus (NIDDM- maturity onset)Overweight/Obesity
Dry eye syndromePiles/Hemorrhoids
DysenteryPost chemotherapy/Post radiotherapy patients
Erectile dysfunction and allied conditionsRheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis
Eye strainReynaud’s syndrome
Frozen shoulderSinusitis
Gall stonesSLE- systemic Lupus erythematosus
GastritisTennis elbow
GlaucomaThyroid dysfunction
Gynecological conditions such as vaginitis, PMS, certain cases of infertilityUlcerative colitis
Hair lossUnder weight
Heart burnUrinary infections
Hepato-splenic dysfunctions/diseasesVaricose veins
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