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How to be Truly Rich

There is a new ‘disease’ that has spread in many countries. This condition is not a consequence of viruses, bacterias, natural catastrophes or even genetics. This new disease is what is called ‘affluence’.

We are so ‘nourished’ phisycally that a lot of us have most probably tried at least a couple of trending diets. We are so ‘nourished’ mentally that we can’t attend or relate to normal functions of life such as sleeping or listening with attention for a more than a few minutes. Alltough we are so proud of our achievements as a species, it is perhaps time to reflect on why such a developed organism as humans, living in a environment of wealth, are unable to be healthy and happy. Unless you believe that is the human condition to be miserable and that happiness is an utopia, you must aknowledge that something went wrong.

Ayurveda can be said to be one of the most personalised life sciences. We use the world “life” here because it is not just medicine, or nutrition, or spirituallity: it is all of it! It is personalised because it strongly believes in different constitutions and individualities. Ayurveda will never have a universal meal, “the best ratio of carbs, fat and protein”, the one pill for cure, or the one food or vitamin supplement that was missing in your diet that is “the reason for your troubles”. 

The life sicence of Ayurveda has a very distinct concept from the more biochemical modern view. The Ayurveda  approach sees the body as an intelligent organism, not just a preset collection of chemical automatic reactions. It is not a mind ‘and’ a body, as if one is alive and the other is innert. Both are integrated and full of life. One of the traces of intelligence is the capacity of adaptation. If there is one wonder that our body/mind complex is amazingly good at is adaptation: this is the reason why we are here now whilst some other species have become extinct. Another feature of our system is to demonstrate what is going on inside of us. We have a name for that: discomfort, disease and dissatisfaction. 
In such affluent times, where we have so much food, so much to experience, and most of us have freedom of choice, have we been making the correct choices?  If so, why is it that with so much nourishment and possibilities many of us are unhappy and unhealthy?

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