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Loosing weight and maintaining it

Weight loss is often a trying or sensitive subject for many of us. At some point many of us have tried diets and exercise programs aiming to change our bodies.Yet, it is quite rare to see true long lastings changes.  Some of the reasons are that often there is too much intensity in fitness workouts without proper preparation, unsustainable diet and, mostly, lack of identifying the mind and emotional components that leads to a sense of un-fulfilment that we try to compensate through food or our long established unhealthy habit patterns. 

Our modern life is full of stimulations and distractions for the mind – a level to which we are almost addicted to constantly stimulating our senses: our taste, vision, smell, touch, hear and the mind. This causes excess confusion and craving for more stimulation, leading us to feel bored if we are not receiving it. Most of us eat out of boredom or to keep us stimulated. Food has become our go to staple for comfort. 

In addition to this, modern society spend much time sitting. Sitting in chairs, sofas, cars, beds. Our bodies are distanced from living in nature and moving in ways nature intended us to do and ways in which our bodies are designed to move. Throughout our evolutionary process, we were used to move because life was movement. It had an impact on our minds too. Our mind was involved in the action and so was the body. We were built for thousands of years through movement, striving for our physiology to be in tune with nature.

With all our advancements, we have created a life that does not require us to move much anymore. Additionally, when we do move and exercise we find ourselves in environments that are agitating and artificial, doing exercises that we might not enjoy, with social pressures and expectations that are above the natural line of progressions: like aiming to be like that “fit person” on Instagram or Facebook, without respecting your biology and necessary time for adaptation. Overall, the culture of exercise that has been created can be radical and restrictive. It can make people feel ashamed of their bodies when doing things they do not really enjoy.

According to our experience at Plantation Villa, if you are hoping to lose weight you need an environment that supports you, ayurvedic natural medicines and treatments to aid weight loss and ease of movement, wholesome natural food that is both tasty and good for you, support and attention that you need as you go through this phase of transition, learn how to deal with the mind and emotions, forms of movement and exercise that respect your body and last but not least, allow the body the time it needs to regain its natural balance.

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