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Patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Patient Details

Age: 28 years old    Sex: Male     From: Portugal

Date of Admission: 11th June 2019

Date of Departure: 2nd August 2019

History of Presenting Illness

Patient presented with COPD and episodes of mild fever. Productive cough which brought chest pain because of constant coughing. Chronic fatigue. Despite being physically active, he was feeling lethargic. 

Consultation Findings & Diagnosis

Digestive functions were regular. Tends to have loose stool. No signs of Ama detected on tongue examination.

The patient was mentally balanced, physically active, and maintaining healthy food habits and daily routine. 

Regular sleep but was disturbed due to cough and sleep fatigue was there. 

Dosha Prakriti – Pitta Vata

Dosha Vikrti – Aggravated Kapha and Pitta

Treatment Approach

  • Started with Sudarshana Vati and Buddharaja Kalkaya with Makarandan Anupana.
  • Application of BR oil on neck and sinus areas along with steam inhalation on daily basis.
  • Specially made herbal tea Ojoboost was given to reduce phlegmatic condition on the upper respiratory system and empower immune system. After 6 days fever subsided. 
  • Nasya karma with BR oil for 3 days followed by steam inhalation. In the end of the second week cough and chest pain subsided and lethargy was the only remaining symptom. 
  • Vasawalehaya 1 tea spoon with herbal tea was given two times a day for 7 days.

Condition at Departure

The patient was feeling free of respiratory symptoms and was without cough and lethargy. Reduction and elimination of Kapha and respiratory system cleansing through Nasya was quite effective along with steam inhalation. Rejuvenating formulas were prescribed to restore energy and provide nourishment to the tissues and to enhance immunity and Ojoboost Herbal Drink to be taken 2 times a day. Dosha Vikrthi – Balanced.

Post-departure Routine / Maintenance Routine

A diet to follow up was given with full explanation along with continuation of Ojoboost Herbal Drink along with the BR oil. Also Buddharaja Klakaya and Vasavalehaya to be taken two times daily. 

Follow up Findings – Feedback received on the 15th of December: Respiratory symptoms have not recurred and he is being able to gain some weight, with good energy as well.

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